Friday, April 22, 2011

Written Tattoos – Visual Self-Expression

Tattoos have always been regarded by many people as a form of self-expression. They have been present in almost every tribal history review. It was how warriors of a tribe communicated with each other or with the warriors of other tribes. These tattoos told a story about their triumphs in battle, their failures and it even narrated the story of how their tribe came into being. Even without saying anything, these warriors said a lot. In the past, just by looking at the tattoos, tribes knew who to fear. The tattoo designs vary a lot, depending on where these tribes originated, where they have settled or which other tribes have influenced their way of life.

Nowadays, the function of tattoos hasn’t changed at all. People still use it as a way to express themselves. There are different tattoo designs. There are graphic tattoos like lines, curves, tribal, medieval, gothic, and there are the written tattoos. Because of the modern times’ influence in tattoo designs, the latter have been a popularly demanded choice for people. Written tattoos take the form of letters from foreign languages, graffiti-style tattoos and ambigrams. These tattoos are often words that represent a person’s characteristic or it’s a quote that a person lives by.

There are three types of letter word tattoos. These three types are foreign languages such as Arabic, Sanskrit, Latin and other languages; graffiti style tattoos and ambigrams. The first type of letter word tattoos is the foreign languages. This trend in written tattoos dates back to few decades, back when Japanese and Chinese characters were most popular. Some of these symbols only represented a certain virtue like patience, charity, etc, but of course, in Japanes or Chinese. Because of this newly discovered design, people then have started to request their tattoos to be in different foreign languages. Among the most popular are Arabic languages and the Sanksrit which has been popularized by the sexy vixen, Angelina Jolie. All the languages have been permanently tattooed to a person’s body somewhere. It is said that people like this type of design because it gives the sense of mystery and it lures people in. Since it is human nature to be curious, what better way than to attract a person’s attention to the tattoo by virtue of it being mysterious?

The second type is the graffiti style tattoo. This type is definitely what attracts most of the younger generations today. They associate the designs with hip hop lifestyle because graffiti and tattoos are both connected to being ‘street’. Graffiti designs have vibrant colors and extreme designs that they represent the hippest designs ever to hit the streets.

The last type is the ambigram tattoos. These are those mysterious and highly eye-catching tattoos. The trick there is that the word is made to appear like if you read it upside down or backwards, it will still look like the same word. For example, your name could be made into an ambigram that could be read upside down, and it would still read like your name. Pretty interesting, right?

If you want to get your body tattooed permanently with a Written Tattoos, then it would be helpful if you know more about the various designs that go with such image.


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