Friday, April 22, 2011

Rib Cage Tattoos – Pain Factor and Tips For Interesting Side Tattooed Designs

Rib cage tattoos can describe the fact that psychological factors play a huge role in pain perception and it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. Going through a rib tattoo can bean excruciating experience, but perhaps for those who had it already, the mind must have gotten over the matter. With this area being a thin, flat and bony area (24 in all) and the needle puncturing the skin between 50 and 4,000 times per minute, how much pain is actually to be expected to create a rib cage tattoos piece? And the question is, are you ready to subject yourself to this kind of tattooing journey?
The satisfaction of owning that tattoo art on a unique and sexy part of the body is perhaps one of the motivations. With the area being huge and perfectly symmetrical to a lot of tat imagery, the possibilities for an amazing body art is endless; its all about the creativity of the design and the skill of the tattoo artist. With the great room for artistry and vast array of possibilities for an exquisite tat, rib cage tattoos have been very popular for both the male and female population.
Rib Tattoo for Guys The men go for rib tattooed because this type of theme can best define their physique and toughness. One has to have at least an acceptable body form in order to proudly flaunt it and one really needs to be tolerant and brave enough to go through the pain. When it comes to
choice of designs, koi fish is a favorite as well as dragon, tiger, panther and snake. Mythical creatures like fairies and angels are also preferred on the rib cage area as well as quotations and flowers.


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