Friday, April 22, 2011

Tattooed Back Dragon

About Got Your Back (Tattoos on Women Only)

Before you submit!

The are 3 very simple rules: Must be real tattooed. No henna or paint or other temporary tattoos Must be on the back. Part of a tattoo may be extend to other parts of the body as long as the tattoo is partially on the back somewhere. Must be on a woman. With some close up views it is hard to tell, but if the person appears to be a man it will be removed.

This isn't a beauty contest, so don't worry about whether your submission is worthy. All female back tattoos are appreciated and welcomed!

Also, please note that this not an 18+ group. That means that submissions have to be suitable for public viewing. This will present problems at times, because there are some excellent tattoo photos that we need to exclude simply because of excessive exposure. This doesn't mean that they are pornographic, or somehow indecent. It just means that we have to live withing the rules of the Flickr TOS, and to realize that when running an open, public group, we need to respect the collective boundaries that we all agree upon.

Original submissions are strongly preferred, either you took the picture or you are the model. Let's keep it real!


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