Friday, April 22, 2011

Ensure You Get The Perfect Tattoo – Mistakes Made When Getting A Character Tattoos

You’ve decided on your perfect tattoo. You’re already to get it inked. You’ve picked out the perfect spot for, and have even decided where you’re getting it. You’re even at a point where you know the artist who will be doing the work, and have checked to make sure it is a licensed sterile parlor. So let’s get inked, right?

Wrong! That symbol or character you’ve decide is the perfect tattoo for you, may mean something completely different from what you think it does!

Did you know that the most common reason people get tattoos removed is because that beautiful empowering symbol that they got so perfectly inked on themselves is not what they expect. That’s right, the number one reason people get tattoos removed is a mistranslation. Instead of having that tattoo that says love, or power or honesty or any number of other great things, you’ve ended up with a tattoo that says chicken, or dog, or whatever else that you really didn’t want it to say.

How do you make sure your getting the right thing tattooed on your body? Don’t just take the tattoo artist’s word for it. For all you know they’ve been misinformed and you’ve got the worst tattoo in the world now permanently affixed to your body.
Find someone you know personally and TRUST that can tell you it’s correct. Don’t go just assuming that the person who’s telling you that tattoo means something is correct. You could also try going to a local library and seeing if they have dictionary for that language and find the symbol yourself.

Another common error is the artist misspelling it on your body. Ensure that the stencil is correct and is exactly what you want before you have a single dot of ink placed.

A tattoo is meant to be permanent. If you want yours forever, simply remember to do your due diligence before ever allowing ink to touch your skin. Don’t be one of hundreds if not thousands of people walking around being laughed at and ridiculed for having a tattoo that you thought meant something other then what it really did.

ensure before you ever allow anyone to tattoo anything on your body, that you know and you know for certain what it means. You don’t need to endure the pain of the tattooing, just to have to endure the pain of getting it removed a short while afterwards.


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