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Tribal Animal Tattoos

Tribal Animal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have a lot of meaning. In the good old days, these tribal tattoos were used as a means to identify the people based on which group they belonged to, what were their religious beliefs, etc. Thus, people used the tattoos as a means to distinguish between different clans. Tribal animal tattoos also represented the same. Be sure that you go through the tattooing tips before you get yourself a tattoo. People want to get themselves a tribal animal tattoo as they not only look amazing but also have a lot of history behind them.

As mentioned earlier, tribal animal tattoos have certain tattoo history and tattoo meanings to them. According to people, the reason why the tribes selected tribal animal tattoos was because the animal tattoos were considered as proofs of power. The tribes in Pacific Northwest America believed that they would get the strength and power of the animal which they tattooed on themselves. They were also of the belief that the tattoo of the animal would be the link between the animal and the tattoo bearer. To know more about the popular designs and tribal tattoo meanings, continue reading the following paragraphs.

  • Horned Lizard: This lizard tattoo denotes continuous perseverance along with the promise to keep secrets.
  • Coyote: Coyote was considered an omen, that something bad was going to happen. It was also known for its ability to find things and as a powerful hunter.
  • Tiger: Tiger is known for its strength and fearlessness. This was a popular tattoo amongst tribes as the bearer was considered a powerful man.
  • Turtle: Turtle is a water animal which also is famous for its qualities like fertility and perseverance. Also, turtles are known to live a long life.
  • Wolf: Wolves are known as spiritual animals who may guide a person's life. They were popular tattoos also because it was believed to show loyalty with the tribe. Tribal wolf tattoo can be shown as a wolf howling near the moon or is ready to attack with a ferocious expression.
  • Hawk: Tribal hawk depicted self-discipline which was important for the survival of the tribes.
  • Lion: Lion is the king of the jungle; one which is feared by one and all. Thus, a tribal lion tattoo defined power, strength and royalty. Tribal lions were drawn in different ways like sitting down (shows that you are in charge), attacking (battling) and in many other regal types.
  • Dragon: Dragons have different meanings in different cultures. It is considered intelligent in Chinese culture and graceful in the orient culture. The western world looks at dragons as an evil creature. In the tribal era, dragons were looked upon as the protectors and were believed to have powers over the five elements of the earth. This makes tribal dragon tattoos popular.
  • Tadpole: A tadpole changes into a frog. This connotes renewal. Also, tadpoles depict fertility. These qualities make the tadpole one of the popular tribal animal tattoos.
  • Eagle: Eagle was the symbol of the Greek God Zeus, in the ancient times. Hence, the popularity of this tribal tattoo. Also, eagle means freedom. This also contributed in making the tattoo famous in the earlier days.
  • Bears: According to the Native Americans tribal tattoos, bear symbolized a free spirit, unpredictability and grander than its mass. It was also believed that when the tribe saw a bear, it would give them a powerful rush of courage. The tribal sages also believed in the bear. This made the bear one of the different tribal animal tattoos.

These were just some of the various tribal animal tattoos with their meanings. It is necessary to know the meanings of the tattoos that you are considering to get inked with. Get a tribal tattoo that reflects your personality and defines what you are. Also remember that tattoo removal is not only painful but also expensive. Think before you get inked.


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